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Hurricane Lily (Cluster Amaryllis)


The blood of
retreating summer
shed among the environs:
hurricane lilies.


Far cluster amaryllis clumps,
the passion in
that glance cast half
a room away!


Warmth off
a now untouched
breast moved half a yard away!
A cluster amaryllis.

A hurricane lily:
the halted
spent whirl
of the scarlet
heat hurl of passion.

After the scarlet rush
almost absolutely
cluster amaryllis.

Snow in Summer Jasmine

Gazing from afar,
my love
grows like pink
snow in summer jasmine
over a wall.

Did the wall absorb
her winsome essence?
The snow in summer
jasmine has gone pink!

Beauty and desire
dashed and perfectly mixed!
White and pink
snow in summer jasmine.


Snow in summer jasmine:
the pink my ache
and her unpretentious wide
smirk the white.

Let me prove constancy:
a love ballad streamed
word by word
all on pink jasmine leaves.