Thuh or Thee??

I’m having a little trouble understand James Longenbach’s scanning of Pound’s metro poem.

The apparition of these faces in the 
Petals on a wet, black bough.

He scans it as this:

The apparITion of these FACes in the 

The only way this makes any sense me is by voicing the ‘the’ attached to ‘apparition’ as ‘thuh’. 

Isn’t the rule that ‘the’ before a word whose first letter is a vowel should be voiced as ‘thee’??

If I read it as I was taught I should say the word  I get this scan:

The apPArition OF these faCES in the 

Reading it stressed four times seems to me to be more natural and much easier to catch the meaning of the words. 

Now, I understand that the stress for the word ‘apparition’ in the dictionary is on its third syllable, but English is a stress timed  language so what you’ve said will effect how your pronounce after, and I get Longenbach’s point about particles not being stressed unless something directs you to do so, but didn’t Ezra Pound argue that you should “make it new?” 

So did he make it new by stressing a particle or did he do it by mispronouncing “the”?

When you read this line with four stresses the following image of a “wet, black bough” pops out.

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